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The GreatestTreasure Hunt of all is the Journey within Ourselves


Grounding Meditation Movies

Movies designed to teach you how to

ground energetically & find your inner peace

We all have to encompass some kind of approach to our own inner 
Spiritual, Mental & Emotional health.

Meditation gives us the ability to clear away energy & old thought patterns so we can be present & aware & ALIVE! ... verses living in the past or the future & therefore not really living at all.

These teaching Grounding Meditation Movies

are designed to explain simply & effectively how to create an energetic awareness of your Aura & your boundaries while learning to establish a strong grounding cord connecting you with our beautiful Earth.

Movies by Janet Bass

of Lightning Tree Films

Introduction to Grounding Movie 

Tibetan Pilgrimage

Tibet & her Teachings

A one hour movie

by Janet Bass & Richard Rudis

A Pilgrimage set against the stunning backdrop of Tibet Plateau & her beloved Monasteries.


27 Dharma stories & Sutra prayers with Sacred Sound Gong Harmonics and narration by Richard Rudis

(Karma Sonam Dorje).


Each story builds on the one before, gently and effortlessly leading the watcher within themselves so they may question their own attachment to life and then if they chose ... to simply let go.


Most of the footage in this movie was filmed over two pilgrimages to Tibet, and because of the Chinese occupation this movie now stands as a time capsule and archive of the sacredness of Tibet's past in light of her quickly changing present.  

I have done my best to use footage and photos from each monastery to recreate the history and experience of each sacred space, a place where 99.9% of the world will never see.  Now you can.


This movie took 3 years to make, with thousands of hours of intense work.  

She is a gift for all who want and need to experience Tibet and all who feel connected to her.

Tibet is simply .... Magnificent.

Narration & Gong Harmonics by Richard Rudis

Movie filmed, created & directed by Janet Bass

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